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The company pursues a quality culture of "fine work, excellence"


Service Commitment

Service Commitment

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Service content:
1, the product from the date of acceptance, quality warranty period of 12 months.
2, after passing the test, free of charge for the on-site training of machinery, hydraulic, electrical operation and simple maintenance. To do regularly every year at the beginning of May and early October a user training class (China Tai'an Metalforming Machine Tool Co. factory), the time for a week, hands-on anatomy.
3, free equipment in the process of using the technical advice and assist in the process of more difficult to solve the problem.
4, after the expiration of the warranty, can continue to provide a year (in addition to accessories) free maintenance.
5, lifelong service, and timely paid to provide spare parts, spare parts supply for life.
6, with the user installation, free debugging, does not regularly conduct user visits.


Quality commitment:
My company announced to the public through the media product quality commitment:
1, the implementation of the national product quality standards, quality and reliable.
2, in the process of using the receipt of user telephone or fax reply within 4 hours, 24 hours (province) to handle, 48 hours (province) to deal with.
3, extra large, special shaped products and special plane strict implementation of the user supervision and inspection system in the factory.
4, the timely provision of spare parts and maintenance services.
5, our company's products and services are: "service first, the credibility of the first".