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Leveling machine

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Technical Parameters

Recommended types of leveling machine:
1, WD43 high strength plate material leveling machine
2, WE43 nonferrous metal leveling machine
3, WM43 precision parts leveling machine
2, WD43 high strength plate material leveling machine
WD43 high strength sheet leveling machine for high strength plate, composite plate, plate, plate for explosion welding design, completed in cooperation with the German experts, the model is composed of a plurality of single beam components, each roller are respectively installed on single beam independently, each single beam is independent of a drive device and displacement measuring device.
Equipment production efficiency is high:
The machine adopts the single beam technology, roller straightening machine has more than ordinary pressure, besides other leveling function and parallel tilt pressure function, but also V shape arrangement, leveler two-way feeding, feeding end opening is increased, to solve the common roll system on the whole tilt adjustment problem of leveler plate feeding difficulties, reduce auxiliary feeding time, improve the operational safety of workers, especially to solve the middle of the ordinary leveler roller can be adjusted, through each of the top roller especially for the middle and increase the amount of pressure, the full realization of the who will have a positive correction principle, the sheet deformation more fully, leveling higher precision, sheet rectification section.
Equipment stability is good:
The traditional form of the overall tilt, with the sheet from the inlet to the outlet, the sheet stress is gradually released, steel structure before and after the four became the fulcrum supporting two pivot end support for discharging, at the feed end of the elastic deformation to recover, while the discharge end plate, elastic deformation not restored, causing the beam swing, fluctuation and seam precision of import and export, caused by the plate plate material at the end of a larger space the blind.
WD43 monotone type structure, each roller beam has two Tijun fulcrum, and on the vertical guide rails are arranged between the single beam, with the sheet straightening roller, beam of elastic recovery does not appear to cause the adjacent beam oscillation phenomenon, the elastic deformation is a constant, so the pressure parameters remain stable, material stress uniform leveling plate plate plate, small blind area.

Leveling machine

Low energy consumption of equipment:
This machine also has a variable roll number correction function, according to the different plate plate thickness using different roll number, to reduce energy consumption, prolong the service life of the machine.
High degree of numerical control system:
The CNC system has reached the international advanced level, the input of plate thickness, plate width, strength parameters, numerical control system can automatically calculate the amount of pressure (or directly call the leveling expert database data), complete leveling pressure adjusting process parameters, convenient and fast on the leveling of leveling, greatly improving the production efficiency. 

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Leveling machine

Photo 1: export Greece WD43M-20 x 3000 (360MPa) using the scene

Leveling machine

Photo 2 Shanqiao group WD43M-30 * 4500 (360MPa) assembly site

Leveling machine

Photo 3 Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. WD43M-50 x 2500 (960MPa) using the scene

Leveling machine

Photo 4 Hefei rijian mechanic Co., WD43M-40 * 3500 (550MPa) field

Leveling machine

Photo 5 iron bridge WD43M-60 x 4500 (550MPa) using the scene

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