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Company Profile

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Tai'an Hualu Forging Machine Co. Ltd is specialized in the production of CNC, large sheet molding equipment industry leading enterprises. Is the predecessor of Tai'an forging machine tool factory was built in 1968 the state-owned enterprises, restructuring in 2003 to become joint-stock company. There is a national high-tech enterprise, China Forging Machine Tool Industry Association executive director of the unit branch, China machinery industry quality management association. Company's existing staff of 676 people, including foreign experts 3 people, engineering and technical personnel 198 people, operating technicians 75 people. The leading products of the company include CNC bending machine, straightening machine, groove forming machine, shearing machine, bending machine, flattening shearing production line six series products, represents the highest level of domestic, reached the international advanced. Products are widely used in military, new energy, marine equipment, rail transportation, petrochemical industry, pressure vessel, bridge steel, engineering machinery and other sheet metal forming industry, products for the Shandong famous brand, Shandong famous trademark, A Well-Known Trademark in China, has the right to import and export, the products are exported to over more than and 30 countries and regions.


Enterprises adhere to technological innovation, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry, Ministry of science and technology and other ministries of policy and financial support, research and development investment in recent years, an average of up to 5.9% per year, the proportion of new product output value of up to 60%. The company has a national industrial technology innovation alliance, Shandong Province, a large CNC machine tool engineering technology research center, Shandong provincial enterprise technology center, Shandong Province, the first academician workstation. Attaches great importance to research, to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the national Forging Machinery Research Institute, Chinese University Hong Kong, Ukraine University, Jiangsu national makaroff shipbuilding Polytechnic University, Jilin University and other research institutes, universities, new products, new technology, new technology research and development applications, maintain industry leading position in technology plays a key role.


The company innovation based on introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technology in Europe, the formation of numerical control, large scale, energy saving and environmental protection features, achieved fruitful results: technological innovation has undertaken and completed 7 national projects, such as the national science and technology major projects in 2010 subject: "WEF11K-40 * 23000 super large CNC bending machine for ship" the revitalization of key industries and technological transformation of the national development and Reform Commission (the first batch) in 2009 second batch of new central budget investment plan; including undertake the provincial science and technology projects of more than 50: major science and technology projects, the transformation of independent innovation in Shandong Province Shandong province key project technology innovation plan; through the identification of the provincial science and technology achievement reached the international advanced, the leading the international technical level of 35; the core has 143 patents, computer software copyright 7 province, city and industry; The progress of science and technology award 43; Shandong provincial excellent new products 25, the provincial high-tech products 38, the drafting of 4 national standards and industry standards 12; and provides the key technology and equipment for the Beijing Olympic Stadium the bird's nest, west east gas pipeline, water diversion and large-scale wind power generation, large ship ship and bridge other major national venues and key construction projects, to our country forging machine tool industry optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and enhance overall competitiveness of the whole industry chain plays a major role in promoting, make a significant contribution to the promotion of China's high-end equipment manufacturing level.


In recent years, the company continued to increase technical transformation and industrial upgrading, a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan. The company in 2009 and 2011 respectively in Tai'an high tech Zone Land 426 acres, the construction of the large CNC forming ship special equipment manufacturing projects, projects included in the "national key industry restructuring and revitalization and transformation of new central budget investment plan". The company's total production area of 60000 square meters, lifting capacity of 300 tons, the installation of XKW2840/4 * 160 Longmen CNC milling and boring machine, TK6920 CNC Floor Boring and milling machine, C61250 * 23M heavy lathe, CNC machining center and a series of jingdaxi equipment more than 120 units, has become the industry standard, the maximum processing capacity of the strongest, the maximum lifting capacity of enterprises, consolidate the leading position in the industry.


Enterprises vigorously implement the IT plan, using the ERP enterprise resource planning and OA office automation. The implementation of the 6S site management, the implementation of the technician assessment system, in the first line to create a positive atmosphere of innovation, QC results in a large number of. Through a sound and continuous training system, so that enterprises continue to pursue excellence, to create outstanding performance. The company has a new high precision spectrometer, nondestructive flaw detector, universal testing machine and other sophisticated detection equipment, established a testing center and chemical center, is to confirm the provincial units of measurement assurance, and the pursuit of "quality culture Seiko, excellence", users get the same recognition.


Hualu forging has been awarded the "Chinese patent Shandong star enterprise", "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "national economic benefits of the forging industry top ten enterprises", "Shandong provincial Cooperation Innovation Award for outstanding contributions", "Shandong province innovation advanced unit", "Shandong province in key areas first sets of major technical equipment", "Shandong patent creation ability cultivating enterprise", "Shandong Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Innovation Award", "Shandong province machinery industry ten innovation brand enterprise" and other honorary titles.